Product Development

Phase 1: Basic Product Function Realization
• Realize the cross-chain exchange between BSC and ICP
• Manage the net assets on Dfinity
Phase 2: Liquidity Mining
• Start up mining function of NFT
• Build liquidity pool and start mining on BSC
• Turn on liquidity bridge as the solution of cross-chain tokens which is based on liquidity pool
• Transfer stable tokens between Dfinity and BSC networks
Phase 3: Complete CrossChain Function
• Support DeFi transaction between ICP and other public chain
• Custom project of deployment cross-chain assets
• Establish DAO community and allow users to proposal, vote and govern
Phase 4: Aggregate DeFi
• Improve Flash Swap, Farming and Vault etc
• Combine various DeFi and strategies to increase Vault income
• Create various DeFi derivatives such as CDP which base on the liquidity of stable token
• Expand cross-chain NFT products
• According to Dfinity's infrastructure construction, gradually migrate the DeFi ecology and projects on BSC chain to Dfinity main network